Wildcat Country Real Estate

"Always do Right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest." -Mark Twain

Over the years I have seen so many agents tell people that "I'm the Best!" or "I'm the Number One agent!", etc. Sometimes we even see those same claims in side by side ads- which is kind of curious. Maybe they should arm wrestle for the title?

Wildcat Country Real Estate is a brand new brokerage, but has years and years of experience within. I always wanted to advertise:

"A Tradition of Excellence Since Tuesday..."

Because no matter how well one has done yesterday, each day is a new day, and each new client needs to be confident in our ability to do the job competently and well- so it's like we have to prove ourselves worthy, daily. We're up for that.

For Sellers, it is our commitment to give you our "BEST EFFORTS" to help sell your home in a timely fashion while helping you attain the highest possible price for your real estate. That means being really honest with you, and showing you that "the Market is what the Market is", that one has to be realistic and understand that each home is different, and each Buyer sees value in different ways. If your home is dated, needs repairs, and you are a Hoarder, I promise I will share that information with you, and not blow smoke in your face! But we will work together to remedy what we can remedy, and find you that desired Buyer!

For Buyers, you have that same commitment to protect and promote YOUR best interests, to work diligently to find you that perfect home! We will work with you to make your buying experience fun, and not something scary or stressful.

I like to think I'm one of the better Brokers- some days, if I'm feeling REALLY good, maybe close to being the Best- but that means I have a pretty high standard to do what's Right by YOU! My wife, and my close friends, will all tell you that I'm not perfect. But... I may be perfect for you!

If you'd like to explore working together, you can call me directly at 520-262-0666 or send me your contact information below. Thanks! Michael J. Mulvena