Property Management

Communication- It's key, and where all business starts. We answer our phones and emails, yes it's that simple. If we can't right away, we will research the answer and call you back promptly. We have a custom backend organization software to keep things readily accessible.
Photography- We take pride in the quality photos used in our listing as statistics show buyers are finding their next home online first, typically.
Floor Plans- Every listing gets a floor plan since it is often difficult to figure layouts of a home based solely on photos. Out photos are also labeled according to the floor plan.
Virtual Tours- Using our own equipment and software we are able to offer virtual tours on every listing, from $50,000 Manufactured home on up and through million dollar custom homes.
Video- Video walk-throughs are custom made for each listing, with actual video, not just a photo slideshows.
Syndication- When we put your listing out on the internet it syndicates out to over 900 websites such as Zillow,, Hotpads, and so on. Where the tenants are looking!
Accurate availability in listings- With each executed lease we update our availability calendars and will fill in availability where possible, even if the tenant didn't inquire about your listing. Should the listing they did inquire about not be available to meet their needs.
Fast professional repairs- One of tenant's biggest complaints is poorly timed repairs, or lack of response on repair requests. Therefore, we area prompt and responsive on all repair requests. We use only qualified contractors. We do not mark up invoices over what the contractor charged. We only use reasonably priced contractors.