Property Management

Property Management is one of those things that a lot of people assume is really easy and a "no-brainer". Oh, boy!!!

Maybe you have managed your own properties for years and never had a problem, never had a tenant skip, or trash your property, or sue you. Count your blessings!

Maybe you have been a tenant and always had a terrific owner, one who made timely repairs, respected your occupancy, and leased you the home with only a handshake. Count your blessings, too!

But, if you have had a tenant from hell, or vice-versa, then maybe it is time to hire a professional Property Management company.

In Arizona, there is this wonderful law called the Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act, and it is applicable to all tenants and all property owners who are renting out their homes. And if you are not aware of this law, the law says you are still very much liable. Ignorance is not an excuse!

Wildcat Country Real Estate is a professional property management company that will take care of the business of renting your furnished property, managing the maintenance and repairs, accurately accounting for all monies, and responding correctly to your tenants- all with strict adherence to the law.  

Maybe you are looking for a home to rent while you search for a property to purchase, or maybe you need a place to live while building your new home- give us a call.

Maybe you are interested in buying your future retirement home now, but won't be retiring for a few more years- take advantage of renting out your property- even if you live

on the other side of the country (most of our owners do) and you can confidently know you're in good hands.